New Mortgage Law in Spain

In this latest blog post we go through all the important details regarding the new Mortgage Law, that came into place on June 16th of this year. This regulation, which comes after a delay of more than 3 years, is there to protect consumers in 3 fundamental aspects: avoiding evictions, lowering mortgage repayment and forcing banks to pay formalisation expenses.

However, is this new law efficient enough to adapt to EU regulations?

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Foreign driving licence in Spain

Are you able to drive with a UK diving licence in Spain? What changes with Brexit?

There have been some changes and updates on the necessity of changing your UK driving licence once you live in Spain.

The questions many of us ask is, do I need to change over my UK driving licence if I live in Spain? What if Brexit happens? How do I do it?

On my Blog I answer all these questions, but do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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New Property Law Regarding Rentals

Last month, on the   1st  March 2019, a new Law took place that affects properties, especially when renting.

This is classed as an urgent measure due to a deficient property market, especially in the rental sector.

One of the main benefits, that hasn’t changed from the previous Law, is that valid contracts that aren’t registered in the Property Registry (Registro de la Propiedad), are still protected in respect of third parties. This means that, if there is a sale on a rented property the tenant is always protected.

Source: LACS

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Will it be harder to obtain Residency with Brexit?

It is understandable that UK citizens living in Spain are worried about what will happen to their right to reside in Spain after Brexit.

Currently, Spain houses the largest community of British citizens in Europe with more than 300,000 people registered as living here, although there are also an unknown number of British citizens who are not registered. Plus, a significant number of Spanish people reside in the United Kingdom, approximately 150,000.

Source: LACS

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